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It just has to be right

Tatraglass restoration glass has been supplied to many Grade I and II listed properties, iconic Country Estates, Royal Palaces, National Trust and English Heritage properties and numerous private properties up and down the UK. Tatraglass is also acknowledged by relevant historical and planning bodies as an authentic substitute to maintain the aesthetics of facades for period properties.

Based in Leicestershire and supplying glass anywhere in the UK, Europe and Worldwide, Tatraglass is well known in the glass industry for importing and supplying traditional mouth blown and machine drawn, coloured and clear restoration glass.

Our expert team are passionate about the correct period glass being used in restoration projects, with our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we offer advice to enable you to make an informed decision. 

Windows are the ‘eyes of the building’ creating an overall harmonious appearance, so it is crucial that the correct glass type is used in older buildings, as the character of the building is reflected in its facade. We support conservationists and Building Control Officers in our passion that glass and frames must conform and complement each other perfectly.

All of our restoration glass comes in sheet form, cut to size or made into slim, low sight line heritage double glazed units harnessing the benefits of modern day glass technology to give thermal benefits and take advantage of argon gas fill to ensure super-efficient thermal properties in a unit whilst retaining the period appearance of the building.

The Tatraglass Heritage ECO Laminated ranges are innovative additions to the Tatraglass restoration range. These products are ideal for use in historical buildings due to their composition, giving an overall panel thickness of 6.8mm whilst offering UV and thermal benefits similar to double glazed units. Other benefits include noise reduction, security, and longevity. Our Heritage ECO Laminated range is ideal for upgrading single glazed windows (particularly in period properties) that have shallow rebates without detracting from the period appearance and aesthetics of the building.

We import traditional mouth blown restoration glass from France and authentically produced machine drawn restoration glass from Germany.

Stained Glass, Bullions and Roundels

We stock various coloured and tinted glass suitable for ecclesiastical renovation and repairs and coloured glass for art pieces. We stock some of the St Just range of coloured mouth blown glass and have access to offer you their entire colour range which has over 180 colours and types of glass.

Our own heritage

Tatraglass was formed in 1990 specifically to import antique stained glass, glass bullions and glass roundels from Poland.  Over the years thousands of square meters of coloured and restoration glass has been imported, along with thousands of roundels and hundreds of hand spun bullions.

Sadly, the factory in Poland has ceased blowing, leaving a large gap in the Tatraglass range.  We have since formed an alliance with St Just, which means we now give you full access to their entire range whilst stocking a few of their most popular colours. 

Tatraglass has been under new ownership since 2018, and whilst there remains a need for coloured glass the market, our focus has shifted towards clear restoration glass for period properties, as this had become, by far, the largest part of our business.